Title Cybercrime and Society      
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Title: Cybercrime and Society

Authors: Majid Yar, Kevin F. Steinmetz

Date: Third edition published 2019


The Third Edition of Cybercrime and Society provides readers with expert analysis on the most important cybercrime issues affecting modern society.

The book has undergone extensive updates and expands on the topics addressed in the 2013 edition, with updated analysis and contemporary case studies on subjects such as: computer hacking, cyberterrorism, hate speech, internet pornography, child sex abuse, and policing the internet.

New author Kevin Steinmetz brings further expertise to the book, including an in-depth insight into computer hacking. The third edition also includes two new chapters:

-“Researching and Theorizing Cybercrime” explains how criminological theories have been applied to various cybercrime issues, and also highlights the challenges facing the academic study of cybercrime.

-“Looking toward the Future of Cybercrime” examines the implications for future cybercrimes, including biological implants, cloud-computing, state-sponsored hacking and propaganda, and the effects online regulation would have on civil liberties.

ISBN: 1526481677, 9781526481672

Keywords: Majid Yar, Kevin F. Steinmetz
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