Title Understanding Digital Industry      
Date 2020-03-12 Hit 286

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Title: Understanding Digital Industry

Authors: Siska Noviaristanti(Editor), Hasni Mohd Hanafl(Editor), DonnyTrihanodo(Editor)

Date: February 25, 2020


These proceedings compile selected papers from presenters at the Conference: Managing Digital Industry, Technology and Entrepreneurship 2019 (CoMDITE 2019) which was held on July 10-11, 2019. There are 122 papers from various universities and higher educational institutions in Indonesia and Malaysia. The main research topics in these proceedings are related to: 1) Strategic Management and Ecosystem Business, 2) Digital Technology for Business, 3) Digital Social Innovation, 4) Digital Innovation and Brand Management, 5) Digital Governance, 6) Financial Technology, 7) Digital and Innovative Education, 8) Digital Marketing. 9) Smart City, 10) Digital Talent Management, and 11) Entrepreneurship. All the papers in the proceedings highlight research results or literature reviews that will both contribute to knowledge development in the field of digital industry.

ISBN: 9780367410766

Keywords: Siska Noviaristanti(Editor), Hasni Mohd Hanafl(Editor), DonnyTrihanodo(Editor)
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