Title Citizen co‐production of cyber security: Self‐help, vigilantes, and cybercrime      
Author Lennon Chang, Lena Zhong & Peter Grabosky
Date 2018-06-14 Hit 56

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Title: Citizen coproduction of cyber security: Selfhelp, vigilantes, and cybercrime


Authors: Lennon Chang, Lena Zhong & Peter Grabosky, Regulation & Governance.


Date: March 2018


Abstract: Given the limited resources and capabilities of states to maintain cyber security, a variety of coproduction efforts have been made by individuals or by collectives, of varying degrees of organization and coordination. This article identifies different forms of citizen coproduction of cyber security and notes the risk of unintended consequences. Safeguards and principles are proposed in order to facilitate constructive citizen/netizen coproduction of cyber security. Although coproduction of security can contribute to social control, only those activities within the bounds of the law should be encouraged. Activities of private citizens/netizens that test the limits of legality should be closely circumscribed.




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