Title The profile of the international cyber offender in the U.S.      
Author Hadzhidimova, Lora I. and Payne, Brian K.
Date 2019-04-12 Hit 48

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Title: The profile of the international cyber offender in the U.S.


Authors: Hadzhidimova, Lora I. and Payne, Brian K.


Date: March 2019


Abstract: This study explores the characteristics of international cyber offenders prosecuted in the U.S. Our findings to a large extent correspond with general studies about cyber offenders with a few important exceptions. First, the average age of the offenders in our study is slightly higher than others that do not focus exclusively on international offenders. Second, while this research confirms that China is among the leading country in committing cybercrimes when it comes to committing particular types of cybercrimes, the offenders come from other countries as well such as Romania, Estonia, Ukraine, South Africa, and Nigeria. Third, our results show that in each of the cases from the sample, the international offenders received prison sentences alone, or complemented with a fine or restitution. In addition, the sentence length of citizens of African countries is significantly higher than the ones of citizens of other geographic regions. Prison sentences for cyber frauds and identity thefts were also found to be much lengthier than sentences for other types of cybercrimes. Implications are provided.


DOI: 2019 IJCIC 2578-3289/2019/02

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