Title International Context of Cybercrime and Cyber Law      
Author Tansif Ur Rehman
Date 2020-04-28 Hit 77

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Title: International Context of Cybercrime and Cyber Law


Authors: Tansif Ur Rehman


Date: 2020



It is clearly evident that as people become more dependent on technology, they become easier targets of cybercrime, as it also could evolve to bring about new problems. It is also important to realize to what extent it is understood by common people that either they are really a victim or can be the victim of a cybercrime. This research includes significance as well as international aspects of cyber laws, initiatives by the EU, USA, China, and the role of international forum for cybercrime. At the very least, it demonstrates the fact that cybercrime attacks are an almost routine form of criminality and most internet users are likely to face an attack on a daily basis. 

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9715-5.ch028

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