Terms of Service
Chapter I General Provisions 
Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of these Terms of Service is to set forth matters concerning the conditions for subscription to and use of the Internet service (“Service”) provided by the VFAC homepage (“this Website”).
Article 2 (Definitions)
① "Users" refer to members and non-members using the service provided by this Website under these Terms of Service.
② "Members" pertain to those who have received IDs and passwords from VFAC to use the Service by providing this Website with their personal information.
③ "Member ID" means a combination of letters and numbers selected by a member for identification and use of the Service.
④ "Password" refers to a combination of letters and numbers selected by a member to protect confidential information.
Article 3 (Validity and Amendment)
① These Terms of Service shall become valid upon being posted at this Website or through other means of public notice.
② In case of any amendment to these Terms of Service, the date of application and reason for amendment, along with the current Terms of Service, will be put up on the initial screen of this Website for a week (or for a month if the amendment includes a clause unfavorable to members) until the eve of the date of application. If the amendment includes a clause unfavorable to members, a clear-cut explanation about the content before the amendment and that after the amendment will be provided for users’ easy understanding.
Article 4 (Other Rules)
① These Terms of Service shall apply together with the information on the use of the Service provided by this Website.
② For matters other than those governed by these Terms of Service, the relevant laws shall apply.

Chapter II Signing a Service Contract
Article 5 (Validation of a Service Contract)
① A service contract shall become valid upon a customer’s expression of consent to the Terms of Service set forth by this Website and this Website’s acceptance of application for the use of the service submitted by the customer using the online application form provided by this Website.
② The acceptance stated in Clause 1 above shall include acceptance of the use of the Service.
Article 6 (Membership Subscription)
Customers wishing to use the Service shall go through membership subscription by submitting the membership subscription form provided by this Website, which requires provision of personal information.
Article 7 (Protection and Use of Personal Information)
This Website shall do its best to protect members’ personal information under the relevant laws.
Article 8 (Acceptance of Service Use Application)
① This Website shall accept applications for use of the Service submitted by customers as stated in Article 6 hereof.
② This Website shall reject Service Use applications falling under the following categories:
- When the application contains false information;
- When the application is in violation of any clause of this Terms of Service
Article 9 (Granting or Changing IDs)
① This Website will grant customers member IDs they themselves selected under the Terms and Conditions
② Member IDs shall not be changed. Members wishing to change their IDs shall go through the membership subscription procedure again.
③ Details concerning the management and changes of members’ personal information shall comply with VFAC’s Service-related guidelines.

Chapter III Parties’ Obligations
Article 10 [VFAC’s Obligations]
① This Website shall ensure that the Service is provided to customers smoothly during the Service Contract period, except in case of special circumstances.
② This Website shall run a proper security system to protect personal information and disclose its personal information protection policy.
③ When a member expresses reasonable opinion or files a complaint, this Website shall handle such immediately. If it is difficult to handle immediately, this Website shall inform the member of the expected schedule for handling it, along with the explanation.
Article 11 [Members’ Obligation]
① When drawing up an application for membership subscription or changing his/her personal information, a user shall do so based on facts and use his/her real name.
② This Website shall do its best to protect members’ personal information under the relevant laws but shall not be responsible for any result arising from a member’s careless or fraudulent use of ID, password, etc.
③ Members shall not infringe on the intellectual rights of this Website or a third party.

Chapter IV Use of the Service
Article 12 (Hours for Using the Service)
① This Website shall provide the Service round the clock unless there is a technical glitch. Note, however, that this Website may stop the service temporarily as required when it needs to carry out periodic check of the system. On such occasion, this Website shall provide the relevant information through its homepage.
② This Website may designate the hours for provision of specific parts of the Service. In such case, it shall provide the relevant information through its homepage.
Article 13 (Intellectual Property Right for Homepage Content)
① This Website has all rights concerning the content of this Homepage. With regard to a material posted on this Website and which has the original author, this Website will disclose such, and the original author has all rights to such material.
② Members have all rights to materials they post on this Website. With regard to such material, such members shall be deemed to have granted this Website the right to use such material free of charge.
③ No third party is allowed to use or quote content on this Website at another website without obtaining VFAC’s prior written consent.

Chapter V Service Cancellation and Restrictions of Members’ Use of the Service
Article 14 (Service Cancellation)
Members wishing to cancel their membership may do so by following the VFAC-provided procedure as stated in this Website.
Article 15 (Restrictions of Members’ Use of the Service)
① This Website may stop the use of this Service by any member violating Article 11 hereof or in one of the following cases:
- When he/she has not used the Service for two years in a row;
- When he/she engages in an act that hampers normal operation of the Service
② With regard to Clause 1 above, this Website may implement such stoppage temporarily or permanently without serving a separate notice to the member.
Article 16 [No Collection of E-Mail Addresses]
A member shall neither collect other members’ e-mail addresses, using a relevant device or otherwise, nor provide them to a third party.

Chapter VI Loss Compensation and Others
Article 17 (Loss Compensation)
With regard to the Service, which is provided free of charge, this Website shall not be responsible for any loss and/or damage that may occur, unless such loss and/or damage has been caused by willful action or negligence by this Website.
Article 18 (Court with Competent Jurisdiction)
In case a dispute arises concerning the use of the Service, the Parties shall do their best to settle such amicably. When both parties fail to reach a settlement, the dispute shall be brought before the court having competent jurisdiction as per the Civil Procedure Act.

Additional Rules
Article 1 (Date of Implementation)
These Terms of Service shall take effect on February 15, 2015 and shall replace all preceding Terms and Conditions. Even the members who subscribed to the Service prior to said date shall be subject to these Terms of Service.
Privacy Policy
Please give your consent where indicated after carefully reading the information on items of private information we collect and purpose of our collection and use of your personal information, including how long we will keep and use such information pursuant to the Act on promotion of information and communications network utilization and information protection, etc.
1. Items of private information we collect
GSDC collects the following personal information on members at the time of their membership subscription concerning the provision of services:
< Membership subscription>
- Required items: name, institution where you belong, name of the relevant experiment, ID, password, e-mail address, certification
- Optional items: your department
We may collect the following information in the process of your use of our services or data processing through an automatic process:
- IP Address, cookies, hours/dates of visiting, records on using the services, records on illegitimate use of services, etc.

2. Purpose of our collection and use of your personal information
We collect and use members’ personal information for the following purposes: provision of services; individual identification; punitive steps taken against members violating the relevant Terms of Service or engaging in any act that may hamper the smooth provision of services; checking of intention to subscribe as a member; limitation on the subscriptions; development of new services; provision of customized services; confirmation regarding service validity; provision of event-related information; checking of frequency of visits; statistics on members’ use of services, etc.

3. Period for keeping and using personal information
As a rule, we destroy members’ personal information upon accomplishment of the purpose of collecting and using personal information. Note, however, that we keep the following personal information for the stated period:
A. Under GSDC’s internal guidelines
- Records on illegitimate use of services (including use of a fraudulent method of member subscription) and punitive measures taken by us
- Items kept by us: User name, e-mail address, etc.
- Reason for retention: To prevent fraudulent subscription or use of the services
- Retention period: 1 year
※ “Records on the illegitimate use of services” refer to records of punitive steps we have taken due to the use of a fraudulent method of member subscription or putting up of posts deemed unacceptable as per our operational guidelines.
B. Under the relevant laws
We keep the following personal information for the period stipulated in the relevant laws like the Commercial Act and the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc., in which case we use the information only for the designated purpose:
- Records of members’ visiting the website
Relevant law: Protection of Communications Secrets Act
Retention period: 3 months

4. Personnel in charge of protection of personal information
GSDC designates personnel in charge of protection of personal information as follows to handle matters concerning the protection of personal information:

Personnel in charge of protection of personal information
Department in charge:
E-mail address:

Personnel in charge of protection of personal information
Department in charge:
E-mail address:

5. Method of damage remediation
In case of personal information-related infringement, the subject of information may submit an application for arbitration or consultation to the following agencies:
· Personal Information Infringement Reporting Center (operated by the Korea Internet & Security Agency [KISA])
- Business handled: Reporting cases of personal information infringement or relevant consultation
- Website:
- Phone number: 118

ㆍ Personal Information Dispute Meditation Committee (operated by KISA)
- Business handled: arbitration of personal information-related disputes and collective disputes
- Website:
- Phone number: 118

ㆍSupreme Prosecutors’ Office, Cybercrime Investigation Center
- Website:
- Phone number: 02-3480-3571

· Cyber Terror Response Center (operated by the National Police Agency)
- Website:
- Phone number: 1566-0112
※ If you think that your right or interest has been infringed due to an action or the lack of action by GSDC, you may apply for administrative adjudication as per the Administrative Appeals Act and Articles 35 ~ 37 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

6. Changes in personal information handling guidelines
In the event of a change -- including addition or deletion of a clause -- in our personal information handling guidelines, we will post a corresponding notice on this homepage at least 15 days in advance (or 30 days in advance in case of an important change affecting our collection and use of personal information and provision of such to a third party).
- Date of notice: February 15, 2015
- Date of execution: February 15, 2015
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