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Title Hack New York City      
Date 2018-04-30 Country New York City, USA Hit 49

Title: Hack New York City


Presented by: Various


Date: 8 - 10 May 2018


Location: 11 Times Square, New York City, USA


About: Cyber attacks are often called non-violent or non-kinetic attacks, but the simple truth is that there is a credible capability to use cyber attacks to achieve kinetic effects. Kinetic Cyber refers to a class of cyber attacks that can cause direct or indirect physical damage, injury or death solely through the exploitation of vulnerable information systems and processes. Join us in New York City in 2018 across the street from Port Authority a national landmark of transportation and in the heart of New York City, Time Square. This event is about sharing big ideas on how we will fortify our daily life and economic vitality.  The threat of attack aimed at Critical National Infrastructure is real as services supporting our communities and businesses face common vulnerabilities and an unspoken kinetic threat.



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