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Title Total Security Conference      
Date 2018-04-30 Country Singapore Hit 209

Title: Total Security Conference


Presented by: Various


Date: 31 May 2018


Location: Singapore


About: Even though significant strides have been attempted in boosting cybersecurity, enterprises often find the efforts inadequate when there are no coordinated knowledge sharing, developing regulations, enforcing compliance and continuing with skills upgrade.

Questex Asia’s Total Security Conferences in Hong Kong and Singapore in 2018 will provide an ideal platform to all stakeholders to understand from each other, in a practical case study format, on:

  • Evolving landscape of future attacks: What can you expect and where will they come from?

  • Successfully updating and implementing new technologies with existing infrastructure

  • Preventing and timely incidence response to growing APTs and ransomware threats

  • Embedding security in IT architecture through effective risk assessment

  • Reducing vulnerability with cost effective measures

  • Securing mobile and IoT devices to prevent data breach



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