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Title 2nd EAI International COnference on Smart Grid and Internet of Things      
Date 2018-06-27 Country Canada Hit 197

Title: 2nd EAI International COnference on Smart Grid and Internet of Things


Presented by: EAI


Date: 11 - 12 July 2018


Location: Niagara Falls, Canada


About: In addition to its timeliness, the event comprises a broad range of interests. The theme invites ideas on how to achieve more efficient use of resources based largely on the IoT-based machine-to-machine (M2M) interactions of millions of smart meters and sensors in the smart grid specific communication networks such as home area networks, building area networks, and neighborhood area networks. The smart grid also encompasses IoT technologies, which monitor transmission lines, manage substations, integrate renewable energy generation (e.g., solar or wind), and utilize hybrid vehicle batteries. Through these technologies, the authorities can smartly identify outage problems, and intelligently schedule the power generation and delivery to the customers. Furthermore, the smart grid should teach us a valuable lesson that security must be designed in from the start of any IoT deployment. Since there is an alarming lack of standards to address the protection of the secret keys and/or the life-cycle security of the embedded smart grid devices, intruders could use conventional attack techniques to breach the security just as in any other IoT deployment.



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