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Title What Can You Do When You Can’t Stop Malware?      
Date 2018-06-27 Country Webinar on BrightTALK Hit 304

Title: What Can You Do When You Can’t Stop Malware?


Presented by: Teresa Wingfield


Date: 29 June 2018


Location: Webinar on BrightTALK


About: Malware detection and prevention solutions are necessary in any organization. But, antivirus and even next-generation antivirus solutions can miss unknown threats, giving malicious software free reign to your systems and data. During this presentation, Nyotron’s Director of Product Marketing, Teresa Wingfield and Director, Solution Architects, Robert Zamani, will discuss why endpoint protection solutions relying on signatures, machine learning models and threat hunting can’t always cope with a never ending number of new attack methods and malware variants. While you won’t be able to stop all malware using endpoint security, you can stop the damage it intends to cause. Join us to learn how.





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