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Title Borderless Cyber USA      
Date 2018-10-01 Country Washington DC, United States Hit 43

Title: Borderless Cyber USA


Presented By: Borderless Cyber


Date: October, 3-5


Location: Washington DC, United States


About: Automation, people, information sharing, intelligence, risk and the economics of risk have been identified as key cybersecurity strategies to focus on in order to keep pace with modern threats. Join us at Borderless Cyber USA as our keynote presenters share their views on the right combination of these measures needed to ensure your cybersecurity strategy confidence reaches that next level. A diverse hand-picked group of global cybersecurity experts have been invited to share their recommendations and real-world experiences over the two-day conference program. Conference organizers, The World Bank, OASIS Open Consortium, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, and Georgetown University, are confident that the Borderless Cyber program will help you succeed in building a solid foundation of controls that preempt, detect and help remediate your risks.



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