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Title FutureCon Atlanta Cyber Security Conference      
Date 2019-01-04 Country Atlanta, Georgia, United States Hit 79
Title: FutureCon Atlanta Cyber Security Conference

Presented By: Future Con


Date: 16 January, 2019


Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States


About: FutureCon Events brings high-level Cyber Security Training discovering cutting-edge security approaches, managing risk in the ever-changing threat of the cybersecurity workforce. Join us as we talk with a panel of C-level executives who have effectively mitigated the risk of Cyber Attacks.Educating C-suite executives and CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) on the global cybercrime epidemic, and how to build Cyber Resilient organizations.


“Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT problem” Gain the latest knowledge you need to enable applications while keeping your computing environment secure from advanced Cyber Threats. Demo the newest technology, and interact with the world’s security leaders and gain other pressing topics of interest to the information security community. Download the FutureCon event App to be part of the ongoing FutureCon community giving you the resources to stay one step ahead of Cyber challenges. The FutureCon community will keep you updated on the future of the Cyberworld and allow you to interact with your peers and the world’s security leaders.


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