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Title HackCon      
Date 2019-01-16 Country Oslo, Norway Hit 61
Title: HackCon


Presented By: HackCon


Date: 13-14 February


Location: Oslo, Norway


About: The national Norwegian cyber security conference HackCon was established in 2005 by the network of Norwegian security experts. The goal was to create practical cyber security courses and conference combined with a social meeting place to meet the future challenges within cyber security. The network had good relations with KINS (Information security organization for municipalities) and Honeynor, and together the three groups agreed on arranging HackCon #1 during February 8th and 9th 2006. Conventions are usually quite expensive, but for HackCon it’s important to keep the price down. The reason is that we want the information spread throughout the community, and make it possible for most people to attend. By doing this, the attendees will have the best possible background when meeting future challenges.


Every year, within topics that are highly relevant, around 1200 – 1400 presentations and research are watched to pick the absolutely best speakers for HackCon. From all the presentations/research we go through, about one percent (12 each year) is picked and have the chance to speak at HackCon. In the past, we’ve had speakers from Norway, Sweden , USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, England, Italy, Spain and several other countries. We choose the best speakers, therefore the speakers at HackCon are very professional and the goal is that all the speakers presents well documented topics, preferably with practical examples and demos. The reason is that we want to give the attendees real examples to bring with them and use when meeting future challenges, as well as the proven fact that demos rocks!





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