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Title Florida Cyber Conference 2019      
Date 2019-04-12 Country Florida, USA Hit 681
Title: Florida Cyber Conference 2019

Presented By:  The Florida Center for Cybersecurity(Cyber Florida)


Date: October 24-25, 2019 


Location: Florida, USA



Planned for October 24 and 25, Florida Cyber Conference 2019 will be Cyber Florida’s sixth annual conference. This affordable and highly regarded conference continues to grow year over year, with over 1,100 registrations last year from industry, academia, government, and the military. Attendees represent all aspects of cybersecurity, including students, veteran practitioners, C-suite executives, law enforcement and military personnel, researchers, teachers and professors, HR professionals, attorneys, small business owners, and more.

“We live in a world where cybersecurity touches every aspect of our business and personal lives,” remarked Sri Sridharan, director of Cyber Florida. “It is not just an IT department concern anymore. Florida Cyber Conference is designed to provide valuable learning, professional growth, and networking opportunities for everyone who plays a role in cybersecurity—from IT professionals and cybersecurity practitioners, to decision makers, policy makers, recruiters, and end users,” he said.

Content for FLCyberCon 2019 will be organized into six tracks: Cybersecurity 101, Social Engineering, Cybersecurity for the C-Suite, Emerging Technologies, Practitioner, and Hands-on/Interactive Cybersecurity. Proposals will be anonymized and reviewed by an advisory panel based on the timeliness of the topic and value to the audience.


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