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Title Future of Cybersecurity 2019      
Date 2019-06-04 Country Bangsar South, Malaysia Hit 9

Title: Future of Cybersecurity 2019

Presented By: PIKOM

Date: 20 June 2019

Location: Connexion Conference & Event Centre (CCEC) @ The Vertical, Bangsar South, Malaysia

PIKOM Future of Cybersecurity Conference 2019 organised by the Cybersecurity Chapter of PIKOM. This C-level conference is held to address Cyber threats & issues of compliance faced by organisation. Come & listen what the region's experts will share their insights & best practices to overcome cyber threats.
AI-generated ‘deepfakes’, compromise of connected devices, hacking of blockchain contracts, cryptomining and cryptojacking, the list goes on and on. The challenge from these apps and programmes is crystal clear: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN! A theme which we have adopted.
This event will leave you with a better grasp of the scope of problems, ideas for how to address them using new tricks and tools and where new connections are made.


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