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Title Roaming Mantis malware expands its reach   hot icon  
Date 2018-06-14 Hit 40


Title: Roaming Mantis malware expands its reach


Author: ITNews


Date: 22 May 2018


Abstract: Malware called 'Roaming Mantis' that infects smartphones through wi-fi routers is rapidly spreading across the world after first emerging only a couple of months ago. Through DNS hijacking, the malware uses compromised routers to infect Android smartphones and tablets, redirect iOS devices to a phishing site, and run CoinHive, a cryptomining script, on desktops and computers. Having until now mainly affected users in Japan, Korea, China, India and Bangladesh, Roaming Mantis has added two dozen more languages - including Arabic, Russian, and a host of European languages - to aid its spread, according to Kaspersky Lab.




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