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Title 58% of Botnet Malware Infections Last Under a Day   hot icon  
Date 2018-06-14 Hit 41


Title: 58% of Botnet Malware Infections Last Under a Day


Author: Catalin Cimpanu, Bleeping Computer


Date: 21 May 2018


Abstract: The vast majority of botnet malware infections last under a day, according to a Fortinet report released last week —the Q1 2018 Threat Landscape Report. The Fortinet data includes information from all types of botnets, targeting desktop, mobile, server, IoT, and networking devices alike. According to the report, the vast majority of botnet infections —58%— last under a day; 17.6% of botnets persist for two days in a row; 7.3% last three days; and so on — while only 5% persist for more than a week.





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