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Title Wearables Could Make Children Vulnerable To Cyber Crime   hot icon  
Date 2018-06-27 Hit 44

Title: Wearables Could Make Children Vulnerable To Cyber Crime


Author: Anna Tobin, Forbes


Date: 31 May 2018


Abstract: Wearables could make children an easy target for cybercriminals says Allen Scott, consumer EMEA director at cyber security solutions firm McAfee. Scott warns: "Families are currently facing one of the most critical issues at the moment, protecting personal information in a hyper-connected world. Every day we connect our lives to external sources without realizing the many ways others can exploit our digital connections.Recent research by McAfee has found that less than a quarter of people (23%) realize that wearable devices and connected toys for children need to have security protection. "Anything with an online connection is at risk to cybercriminals, but the issue with wearables is that risks associated with these products is high and children using connected toys can be exposed to malware, viruses and perhaps, most worryingly, strangers online," says Scott.




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