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Title Experts warn of a new ‘snail mail’ malware attack that’s actually working   hot icon  
Date 2018-08-06 Hit 19
Title: Experts warn of a new ‘snail mail’ malware attack that’s actually working


Author: Kari Paul, MarketWatch


Date: 01 August 2018


Abstract: Hackers can now surreptitiously turn your phone into a crypto mine or hijack your home computer network, but a new malware attack is more simple: just pop a compact disc into your computer. Several U.S. government agencies have received letters in the mail with CDs that contain malware, according to cybersecurity researcher Krebs on Security. The infected discs are accompanied by a Chinese-postmarked envelope and a “confusingly-worded” letter. State archives, state historical societies, and a state department of cultural affairs have all received CDs with letters addressed to them, according the Krebs report. It’s not clear whether anyone actually fell for the ruse, Krebs reported. Putting a mysterious CD into your laptop may sound like laughably ill-advised idea, but a surprising number of people fall for it. Curiosity got the better of them: Nearly 50% of college students plugged USBs they found on the ground into their computers, according to a 2016 study by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.



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