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Title Older people falling victim to cybercrime   hot icon  
Date 2019-06-24 Hit 19

Title: Older people falling victim to cybercrime

Author: eNCA

Date: 06.22.2019


Older people are increasingly falling prey to SIM swap scams.

Not so tech-savvy, they make easy victims.

A 2018 report from the banking ombudsman, released recently, shows a three-percent increase in complaints about internet and banking fraud, with the most coming from people over 40.

Cyber-criminal expert Wayne Olsen says the elderly are soft targets and there needs to be more accountability from services providers.

I think in this incidence, there doesn’t need to be some ownership and accountability from both banks and as well as the mobile operators,” Olsen said.

They need to look internally at the potential rogue individuals inside the organizations.”


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