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Date 2019-07-08 Hit 37

Title: Cyber crime reporting crucial, say UK police


Author: Computer


Date: 06.28.2019



UK police are planning to introduce a bespoke cyber crime reporting facility for business to encourage businesses to contact police when they are targeted in this way.

“It is crucial that businesses report cyber crime to us because every incident is an investigative opportunity,” Rob Jones, director of threat leadership at the UK National Crime Agency (NCA) told Computer Weekly.

“Failure to report creates an unpoliced space and a situation where incident response companies just sweep up the glass, but don’t deal with the underlying issue, which emboldens criminals. As a result, the problem will continue and prevalence, severity and sophistication of attacks will increase.”

While the number of cyber attacks reported to police in the latest report by the Office of National Statistics is just 26,000, police estimate that the number of cyber attacks in the same period was around 976,000, which means that barely 3% of cyber attack are being brought to the attention of police.

The problem of under-reporting is due to a number of reasons, he said, including the fact that many companies fear that reporting cyber crime incidents to the police will result in the police disrupting business operations to carry out an investigation, and the perception that police do not have the capability to deal with cyber crime and are unable to find and take action against cyber criminals operating from outside the UK.

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