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The Korean Institute of Criminology

Korean Institute of Criminology (KIC) was established in 1989 as a government-sponsored research institution on crime and criminal justice. The main role of the institute is to conduct research projects in crime prevention and criminal justice. KIC has over 50 researchers and 20 administrative staff members and has published more than 700 research reports in the field of criminology, criminal justice and criminal law. KIC also has published 'The Korean Criminological Review' quarterly, since 1990. The researchers of the institute come from diverse academic backgrounds including: criminology, criminal law, sociology and psychology.

KIC hosted the 12th World Congress on Criminology in 1998 in cooperation with the International Society of Criminology. In 2004, the UN Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme Network Institutes (UNPNI) enlisted the KIC as a member institute. In 2005, KIC held a Workshop on 'Measures to Combat Computer-Related Crime' at the 11th UN Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. In 2010, KIC held a Workshop on 'International Criminal Justice Education for the Rule of Law'.

KIC, in cooperation with UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), is currently developing the 'Virtual Forum against Cybercrime' which comprises 'Research Network' acting as a clearinghouse for cybercrime research and useful information, and 'Online Training' program for law enforcement and judicial officers in Asia.

In the light of the above mandate, UNODC and KIC proposed the Virtual Forum to provide educational and practical support for law enforcement personnel, engaged in the prevention and control of cybercrime, in Asian developing countries, and to foster research network on cybercrime.