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Title: Can the UN keep up with the dark side of AI?


Author: Summer Walker, Global Initiative


Date: 24 July 2018


Abstract: There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming part of everyday life. In the public sphere, the authorities are increasingly using facial-recognition technology to identify people; in our private lives, mapping and translation apps are now commonplace; and machine learning is applied in fields as diverse as conservation, healthcare and food cultivation.




Title: Catch me if you can: Legal challenges to illicit wildlife trafficking over the internet


Author: James Wingard, Global Initiative


Date: 19 July 2018


Abstract: Although illicit internet trade falls into the larger universe of cybercrime, it is better described as a cyber-enabled crime – in other words, a traditional crime that uses new technologies with the traditional part being the illegal capture of wildlife and the associated physical forms of trade. In addition to the many legal and enforcement

challenges associated with conventional wildlife crimes, internet-based illegal wildlife trade (IWT) poses another set of problems for officials, forcing them to operate in a trans-jurisdictional, virtual space that they, and the law, are largely unprepared to manage.




Title: Japanese Police Adopt Cybersecurity Software to Trace Bitcoin Transactions


Author: Shaurya Malwa, CryptoSlate


Date: 01 September 2018


Abstract: After several instances of cryptocurrency-based crime and a stark increase in the use of cryptocurrencies as a money-laundering tool, Japan’s National Police Agency (NPA) revealed it would launch a crypto-tracking software to trace digital currency transactions in the country.





Title: Venezuela’s Petro Cryptocurrency Could Be a Scam


Author:  Sam Bourgi, Hacked


Date:  02 September 2018


Abstract: Seven months after launching its oil-backed cryptocurrency, Venezuela’s government has produced little evidence that it actually exists. According to a new investigative report from Reuters, ‘petro’ and the oil barrels it is supposedly backed by are nowhere to be found.



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Issue 12 contains information on:

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Articles on:

  • A Geneva Convention or Declaration for Cyberspace
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Book Review
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Title: A Brief Review of New Threats and Countermeasures in Digital Crime and Cyber Terrorism

Authors: Maurice Dawson


Date: June 2018


Abstract: Cyber security is becoming the cornerstone of national security policies in many countries around the world as it is an interest to many stakeholders, including utilities, regulators, energy markets, government entities, and even those that wish to exploit the cyber infrastructure. Cyber warfare is quickly becoming the method of warfare and the tool of military strategists. Additionally, it is has become a tool for governments to aid or exploit for their own personal benefits. For cyber terrorists there has been an overwhelmingly abundance of new tools and technologies available that have allowed criminal acts to occur virtually anywhere in the world. This chapter discusses emerging laws, policies, processes, and tools that are changing the landscape of cyber security. This chapter provides an overview of the research to follow which will provide an in depth review of mobile security, mobile networks, insider threats, and various special topics in cyber security.


DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5634-3.ch010