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Title: A New Report Suggests There Is Honor Among Cyber Thieves


Author: Dante Disparte, Forbes


Date: 16.10.2018


Abstract: A new report looking at the behavior, market conduct and outcomes of ransomware attacks, suggests that there is not only honor among cyber thieves, but that the ransomware market is becoming efficient, even automated




Title: system hack leaves 75,000 individuals exposed

Author:  Amanda Golden, CNN Politics


Date: 20/10/2018


Abstract: A hack was detected earlier this month in a government computer system that works alongside, exposing the personal information of approximately 75,000 people, according to the agency in charge of the portal. In a statement to CNN, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) said the system that was exposed through the hack was the Direct Enrollment pathway, which allows agents and brokers to assist consumers with applications for coverage in the Federally Facilitated Exchanges, or FFE. The statement detailed that the agent and broker accounts that were associated with the hack were "deactivated, and -- out of an abundance of caution -- the Direct Enrollment pathway for agents and brokers was disabled."




Title: North Korean Hacking Group Lazarus Stole $571 Million in Cryptos: Report

Author: Daniel Palmer, Coindesk


Date: 19/10/2018


Abstract: North Korea's infamous hacking group, dubbed Lazarus, has managed to steal over half a billion dollars in cryptocurrencies, a report indicates.According to an article published Friday by The Next Web, the coming annual report from cybersecurity vendor Group-IB sets out that Lazarus was behind 14 hacks on crypto exchanges since January 2017, reaping a massive $571 million from the attacks.The news backs up claims from officials in South Korea, who said in February that North Korean hackers likely stole tens of millions of dollars' worth in cryptocurrencies in 2017.




Title: Taiwan to share Chinese hacks data with private companies

Author: Kathrin Hille, Financial Times


Date: 22/10/2018


Abstract: Taiwan is preparing to share the details of millions of Chinese hacks with private companies to help train artificial intelligence software to predict and prevent future cyber attacks. Jyan Hong-wei, director of Taiwan’s department of cyber security, said companies would be able to access data from years of attacks on government computers by state-backed hackers in China. “Traditionally, our thinking was that attack data from the government services network backbone was too sensitive to share. But the value of this data is immense and everyone in the industry very much needs it so they can find patterns from the data and develop better tools,” said Mr Jyan.



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Issue 12 contains information on:

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Book Review
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Title: A Brief Review of New Threats and Countermeasures in Digital Crime and Cyber Terrorism

Authors: Maurice Dawson


Date: June 2018


Abstract: Cyber security is becoming the cornerstone of national security policies in many countries around the world as it is an interest to many stakeholders, including utilities, regulators, energy markets, government entities, and even those that wish to exploit the cyber infrastructure. Cyber warfare is quickly becoming the method of warfare and the tool of military strategists. Additionally, it is has become a tool for governments to aid or exploit for their own personal benefits. For cyber terrorists there has been an overwhelmingly abundance of new tools and technologies available that have allowed criminal acts to occur virtually anywhere in the world. This chapter discusses emerging laws, policies, processes, and tools that are changing the landscape of cyber security. This chapter provides an overview of the research to follow which will provide an in depth review of mobile security, mobile networks, insider threats, and various special topics in cyber security.


DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5634-3.ch010